Persona 1

Name: Anna Jones

Demographic: Geospatial professionals within and outside the Federal and State agencies, private, and educational institutions.

Descriptive Title: Geospatial Analyst

End Goals: To meet department needs for focused and flexible applications its critical to locate datasets to answer the why.

Quote: “For most emergency events, the needed geospatial information and services is critical”

A Day in a Life Narrative:

Under general supervision, I lead, coordinate, and monitor the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS) activities. I also coordinate the development of the GIS systems and database according to City goals and objectives, and assure the integrity and security of the database.

End Goals:

Awareness that Federal policies may have tribal implications. The public has new needs and wants, and we have to meet all those as a government to serve our public well.

Persona 2

Name: John Smith

Demographic: “Tribal officials” means elected or duly appointed officials of Indian tribal governments or authorized intertribal organizations.

Descriptive Title: Tribal Government Official

Quote: “Recording and preservation of Tribal cultural properties is of primary importance because they represent areas that are vital to the cultural identity.”

A Day in a Life Narrative: As a Tribal government member I provide information on how GIS and the spatial perspective can be used to make our government operations more efficient and more effective.

Supporting Tribal programs and services to the people we govern such as education, emergency services, social programs and land management is critical. They also maintain infrastructure such as roads and public works facilities.

End Goals: This persona needs awareness of Federal initiatives that may have tribal implications. This audience type needs a synthesized version of how lidar works and the benefits.

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